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                                                     Policies (Esthetics) 
 *In the policies below, when Beauty Renew, LLC is stated, it pertains to the company itself, and the owners.  Beauty Renew, LLC is also legally registered as "Beauty Renew" with the Mecklenburg County Register of Deeds.

- No refunds on services performed by Stephanie Reed, including:  Facials, peels, eyelash extensions, waxing, tweezing, tinting, etc.  

- Each client assumes all risks, liabilities, and responsibilities when having a service, buying a retail product, and/or visiting Beauty Renew, LLC and Eastover Medical Park.  Each client fully agrees to never seek criminal or civil legal action or file a lawsuit against Kevin Reed, Stephanie Reed, Beauty Renew, LLC, Eastover Medical Park, or Max McCleod, Jr. for any reason whatsoever.    

- Retail product returns will be accepted only if:  It has been 14 days or less since the purchase,  and the container is a minimum 50% full.   

- Acceptable product returns are not refunded via cash, check or credit card, but will be a CREDIT to your Beauty Renew account towards future purchases (services or products).  If the product has NOT been opened, used or damaged, the account credit will equal the original amount paid.   If the product has been opened or damaged, the spa account credit will equal the total purchase price minus a 30% return processsing fee.  If the return is due to an physical defect (i.e. malfunctioning pump, etc.), then a one-time exchange for the same product will be done at no charge, if the product's date of purchase is 30 days or less.  The product defect will need to be obvious and confirmed by Kevin Reed, due to various container designs.  A maximum of two (2) approved, product defect exchanges are allowed per client between January 1, 2019 and January 1, 2059.  

- Each client is only allowed a maximum of one (1) acceptable product return in a 12-month period, and total maximum of three (3) between

January 1, 2019 and January 1, 2059.  

- Each client assumes any and all risks, known or unknown, associated with all services provided by Beauty Renew, LLC, and/or products purchased.

- Each client agrees NOT to seek financial or legal damages, or any other reimbursement, against Beauty Renew, LLC, or any other person or entity, in regards to services performed and/or products purchased.

- Beauty Renew, LLC is NOT responsible for adverse effects caused by retail products, since we did not manufacture or develop the products, we have no control or direct knowledge of how the client is using the products at home (i.e. frequency, amount, being mixed with other products, etc.),

no control over what medications the client may be using that could have an interaction, and since every client's skin is different.  Each client who purchases a skincare product is expected to completely follow the exact directions of use shown on the box and/or container.  Minor stinging, irritation, and/or redness is not uncommon when first using certain skincare products, and is usually temporary.  If adverse symptoms persist, then stop using the product.  

- Retail product and service prices are subject to increase without any prior notice, due to frequent and unpredictable increases in Beauty Renew, LLC's operating expenses.  Charlotte is an expensive city in which to operate a business of this type.  Just like any other business, we must adjust our prices when necessary in order to maintain service quality, and pay our many expenses.  Call 704-524-9596 for the most updated prices on products and services.  In most cases, prices will only slightly change ($1 or $2 increase) once every 18 to 24 months, usually due to an increase in expenses.  

****The policies above do not apply to the Wellness or Nail Department.  The service providers in those departments have their own policies.



Services & Retail Products


1st "no-show" appointment - Client will be charged 30% of the scheduled service amount, which must be paid in full, with cash or credit card

(in person or by phone), and within 24 hours of your cancellation.   New appointments will not be allowed until it is paid. 


- 2nd "no-show" appointment - Client will be charged 100% of the scheduled service amount, which must be paid in full, with cash or credit card

(in person or by phone), and within 24 hours of your cancellation.   New appointments will not be allowed until full payment is received.  In addition, all future appointments must be pre-paid in full at time of booking, and the pre-payments will be non-refundable.  You may also be permanently removed from our client list.  


- If you cancel your appointment less than 24 hours from your scheduled date/time, and you do NOT accept an open appointment that is

within 5 days of your cancellation (if an opening exists), then Beauty Renew, LLC reserves the right to charge a Cancellation Fee equal to the

greater of $15 or 40% of the scheduled service amount.   Your cancellation fee may be reduced if part of the cancelled time is booked by

another client.  The cancellation fee is due in full within 24 hours after cancellation, and future appointments will not be allowed until it is paid.  

On the 3rd occurrence and after, the Cancellation Fee will increase to 100% of the scheduled service amount.  


- Any scheduled service(s) of 90 minutes or more may be required to pay a $50 deposit at the time of booking.  This deposit will NOT be refunded if the initial appointment is cancelled less than 4 days from the date of the scheduled appointment.    


- The policies above only apply to the client of Stephanie Reed, Licensed Esthetician.  The other technicians at Beauty Renew have their own policies.


- Alcoholic beverages are NOT allowed inside Beauty Renew, LLC, or within a 500 feet radius of the spa entrance door.

- Beauty Renew, LLC, the landlord of 2711 Randolph Road, Suite 505 - Charlotte, NC 20207, Kevin Reed, Stephanie Reed, and Independent Contractors, will NOT be held legally or financially responsible for the injury, death, and/or any other damages/losses suffered by any client,  or other person, while traveling or walking to or from 2711 Randolph Road, Suite 505, and/or while in the parking lot, and/or while inside Suite 505.   

- Please always lock your vehicle when parked in the parking lot at Eastover Medical Park.  


- When any person schedules an appointment with Beauty Renew, LLC, and/or when a retail product is purchased, and/or when any person arrives at Eastover Medical Park, they are acknowledging full awareness of, and full agreement with, ALL the above-mentioned policies.  *ALL POLICIES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE AT ANY TIME WITHOUT PRIOR NOTICE.


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